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Visa support

It is necessary to get visa for entering Russia.

You can draw up your visa through the Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country. We are ready to send you an invitation for entrance. For this purpose it is necessary to send to our address the following papers: 

* a copy of the first and second pages of your passport. In case of prolongation of your passport - a copy of the page with the special mark, which needs to be notarized and translated into Russian (the period of your passport validity on the day of entrance to Russia should be not less than 18 months), 

* a questionnaire, filled in on a computer

Please, send the passport copies in pdf, jpeg format and a questionnaire in doc format by e-mail: id [at] sportedu [dot] ru

Services for preparing invitations are payable. For more information, please, contact the International Department.

Taking into consideration the duration of visa preparation for the citizens of different countries, which may vary greatly, it’s advisable to send the application form for study in the University, necessary for visa support, beforehand.

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