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Structure of university

Structurally the University consists of 43 chairs, Institute of Sport and Physical Education, Humanities Institute, Institute of tourism, recreation rehabilitation and fitness, Institute of Correspondence and Distance Education, Institute of science-pedagogical education, Scientific-Research Institute of sport, Scientific-Research Institute of sport medicine and Academy of sport-applied martial arts. Post-graduate education including post-graduate department, doctoranture, advanced qualification and staff retraining center, Center for advanced qualification and professional retraining of coaches and experts in football.
Institute of Sport and Physical Education. The institute trains bachelors and masters on direction “Physical Education”. Specializations: theory and methodic of aviation kinds of sport, aiki-do, sport acrobatics, armsport, aerobics and fitness, basketball, billiard, boxing, kickboxing, cycling, volleyball, handball, sport gymnastic, calisthenics, golf, mountain kinds of sports, rowing and sailing, Greco-Roman wrestling, free style wrestling, judo, karate-do, skating, biathlon, downhill skiing, freestyle, table-tennis, swimming, underwater kinds of sports and diving, sambo, synchronized swimming, applied kinds of single combats, taekwon-do, tennis, sportive-remedial activities, technical kinds of sports, training technologies, weight-lifting (weights sport, power triathlon, bodybuilding), fencing, figure skating, football, hockey, chess, sportive-remedial tourism, sports management.
Humanities Institute. The Institute trains bachelors and on direction “Advertisement and Public relations”, specializations: public relations in the sphere of physical education, public relations in mass media; “Producing theatrical performances and festivities”, specialization: art and sport events; “The organization of work with youth”, “Economics”; Management, specialization: “Management of organization”, “Psychology”, specialization: sport psychologist.
Institute of recreation, tourism, rehabilitation and fitness. The institute trains bachelors and masters on direction “Tourism”, specialization: organization technologies of tour-operation and agent services, technology and organization of excursion service; “Recreation and sportive-remedial tourism”, specialization: sanatorium and spa recreation, recreation and remedial activity, sportive-remedial tourism; Physical education for persons with health deviations” (Adaptive physical education), specializations: adaptive physical education, adaptive motor recreation, physical rehabilitation, technology of management in adaptive physical education;

There foreign students willing to study on the territory of the Russian Federation are trained in Russian language. Having completed this course of study and passing the test the students get the certificate of the corresponding level which allows together with other documents of education to enter any Russian higher and technical secondary schools and colleges.

Training of post-graduate students is held in the form of full-time and correspondence education. The leading Professors and Doctors of Science are engaged in scientific tuition of post-graduates and competitors. About 150 post-graduates study at the post-graduate department annually.

Doctors are trained in full-time form. About 10 persons study at this department annually.

It provides realization of the program on advanced qualification and retraining of staff. It carries out teaching process in the following forms: advanced qualification for coaches, teachers and other specialists in physical culture and sports, professional retraining, probation, course training.
The organization of teaching process at the faculty is held in the framework of typical educational program according to the individual schedule, being planned with the participation of national federations in different kinds of sports, dean office and chairs of the University.

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